Vocational Aqualabs was a two year project funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme through the Turkish National Agency and is concerned with generic skills needed in aquaculture research.

Researchers must remain in touch with technical developments in order to provide solutions to industry. Such up-skilling must be subject-specific but equally important (see the TUNING initiative) are the generic skills. Essential though they are in today’s world, they are not usually part of course provision. Vocational Aqualabs focused on generic skill provision to aquaculture researchers at all stages of their career offering flexible learning pathways for skill acquisition. 

Vocational Aqualabs aimed to identify the generic skills required in aquaculture research by consulting all stakeholders through a needs analysis of the sector. Researchers were surveyed to find out whether they possess the skills identified and at what level. Modules were developed to fill the gaps, using a skill/competency/learning outcome based approach.