The University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

The University of Aberdeen´s School of Biological Sciences (SBS) has extensive research and training experience in marine sciences. This includes including national and international research projects on marine biology, ecology, fisheries and aquaculture. SBS runs several MSc degree programmes including one in Applied Marine & Fisheries ecology and has a large number of PhD students working in these fields. Staff in SBS are active in aquaculture research including fish and shellfish growth and nutrition, fish immunology and diseases, sea louse control, and ecological impacts of aquaculture, in a range of European and national projects. The team leader for this project, Professor Pierce, has co-ordinated or participated innumerous European projects, with recent participations including the AQCESS (on aquaculture sustainability). He co-ordinated the University´s MRes/MSc degree in Marine & Fisheries Science for 12 years and is currently co-ordinating co-ordinating a Marie Cuie training network (ECOSUMMER) and a workpackage on generic skills training within the Aqua-tnet 2 project. 

The SBS team also includes Dr Elena Mente, who worked on the AQCESS project and has extensive experience in growth and nutrition of cultured crustaceans, Dr Lee Hastie (an experienced postdoc with expertise in fisheries and aquaculture) and Ms Cristina Pita, who also worked on the AQCESS project. The team collaborates with Prof Ioannis Theodossiou, Director of the University´s Centre for European Labour Market Research in the Business School, in research on the social and economic impacts of aquaculture. The University of Aberdeen has extensive research and training experience in marine sciences including research on aquaculture and relevant training at postgraduate level.  

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