Stirling University, United Kingdom

The Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University is one of the leading world organisations concerned with research and training in aquaculture. The Institute carries out research into most relevant fields in this subject including health and welfare, reproduction and genetics, nutrition, environment and the development of aquaculture systems. Our research spans freshwater and marine aquaculture on a global basis. The goal of the Institute is to support the development of sustainable aquaculture and within that content a major activity is training of students, particularly in industry-relevant research. This is done at Masters and research postgraduate levels, and also as CPD for researchers in the field. The Institute is particularly concerned to impart generic skills to students and this forms an important part of our training at all levels. We have been involved in a number of EU-funded programmes on training for aquaculture-related researchers, including AQUALABS, PESCALEX and AQUATNET. Thus, the Institute has the experience and skills to make a major contribution to the proposed project. 

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